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The program is designed to stress the consequences of poor decision making by having students create their own scenario regarding their death. The design of the program heavily involves parents. The program is designed to impress upon teenagers that death is very real for persons their age and that they are NOT immortal.

Day One

*Every 15 minutes a designated student is removed from class by the Grim Reaper. *These students will be put into costumes and make up to represent the “Living Dead” *A law enforcement office will read a mock obituary to the class when the student is temporarily removed from class. *During a special outside assembly, a staged fatal DWI traffic collision will occur on campus. Law enforcement, Fire, and EMS units will be involved. *The “Living Dead” students will be returned to class in full make up but will not be allowed to speak or take part in any school activity for the remainder of the day. *If desired, the parents of the “Living Dead” students will receive a pre-arranged mock verbal death notice by law enforcement. *At the end of the day, the “Living Dead” students will be taken to a retreat with overnight lodging to effectively simulate that the student is “gone.” The students will be under the direct supervision of members of Law Enforcement, Probation, and the “Shattered Lives” committee.

Day Two

*After a light breakfast at the retreat area, the students will be transported back to school for the assembly. *The “Living Dead” students will NOT be able to have contact with friends or family prior to the assembly. *The video made of the previous day will be shown. *Various Guest Speakers will give presentations to entire student body about their views and personal experiences. *The “Living Dead” will present their scenario to the assembly. *The last, and most important visual focus of the program will be when everyone who has been touched by and alcohol-related traffic collision comes forward and stands on the stage indicating the many innocent people who stand as victims— those who pulled bodies from wreckage, who provided emergency trauma care to victims, who counseled survivors, who dealt with the grief and pain of relatives and friends.